Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wiscassett Lyme Disease Support Group Reminder


The MIDCOAST LYME DISEASE SUPPORT & EDUCATION group was created for the people in the Midcoast Maine communities by the people in the Midcoast Maine communities.

If you have Lyme, have had Lyme but are still sick, know someone who has Lyme or just want to know more about Lyme ~ we invite you to join us the last Tuesday of each month at the Wiscasset Community Center, 242 Gardiner Rd, Wiscasset Maine from 6-8pm.

This month, we will be meeting on September 30th and our Guest Speaker will be Patti Corscaden, LMT, OMT and the topic will be The Healing Role of Therapeutic Massage in Chronic Illness.

So I invite you to come out and listen to Patti, learn more about Lyme, ask questions and hopefully, find answers.

If you have any questions about the group, you can contact:

Announcing the Rockport Maine Lyme Disease Support Group

We are announcing
a second support group in 

What does this mean? Well we are starting up a support group in Rockport Maine to meet the need further up the coast.  And we are still going strong with our Wiscasset group.  We hope to add more in the future.  So if you know of a specific town in the Midcoast area that has a need for a support group please let us know.  Also if you miss a meeting at our Wiscasset group or have family up in the Rockport area please feel free to stop by.  Our Website now has a specific tab for the Rockport Support group with meeting information and directions.  Now please bear with me I am new at adding in Google Maps so if you need more specific directions or the google link is not working please feel free to contact us.