Monday, January 25, 2016

Community Call To Action!


 Jan. 26-27, 2016

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Family and Associates:

Please share this widely.

On January 26 - 27, Lyme patients and their supporters from coast to coast will make phone calls to their two U.S. Senators demanding more attention be paid to the growing epidemic of Lyme disease—what many people believe to be the greatest threat to public health since the AIDS epidemic.

Even if you don’t have Lyme disease, you probably know someone who does, and as a taxpayer you are affected by the enormous burden being placed on our economy.

Our call for action is based upon the failures of CDC in the handling of public policy on Lyme disease, including, preferential treatment of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), a private organization; failure to provide medical providers and patients with ALL the available information on diagnosis and treatment by only endorsing the IDSA guidelines; extensive under-reporting of the disease; and conflicts of interest and violations of ethics rules.

Because of restrictions imposed by the IDSA guidelines, thousands of chronically ill patients are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and denied medically necessary treatment. In addition, insurers use the IDSA guidelines to deny treatment to those who legitimately have Lyme disease.

Requested Action

Make two phone calls: one call to each of your U.S. Senators.

You might think that your one voice doesn't matter -- but you'd be wrong! EVERY voice helps to increase the volume. We desperately need to be heard, and we need your voice on Jan. 26-27 when we launch this national initiative.

Here’s a link with contact information for U.S. senators:

Below are the names and numbers for the U.S. senators who represent our state, along with a sample script.

Senator __________________ Phone: ____________________

Senator __________________ Phone: ____________________

One Minute Script
I am a constituent of [senator name] and I would like to register my concern on an important issue.

I’m concerned about CDC’s handling of the Lyme disease epidemic and CDC’s preferential treatment of a private organization and other conflicts of interest.  

[It’s ok to add a personal comment by mentioning that you, yourself, a family member or friend has Lyme disease.]

“I request that [senator or representative name] review this matter and ensure that CDC’s Lyme disease program receives proper Congressional oversight.”

“Also, please ask [senator name] to co-sponsor bill S. 1503 to establish a Tick-borne Disease Advisory Panel.”

“I would appreciate a reply once [senator name] has had a chance to look into this matter.”