Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two Support Group Meeting Reminders This Week

If you are unable to attend our Wiscasset Support Group Meeting Tonight, we have our Brunswick Support Group meeting this Wednesday evening. All meetings are FREE and Open to the public. Childcare is not provided. Open Share meetings allow us more time to share our stories, referrals, asking questions, and talk about prevention. If you are visiting the Midcoast Maine area from Out of State and you have questions please feel free to attend. Click Here to look at all of our 5 support group meeting locations and times. http://midcoastlymediseasesupport.blogspot.com/p/rockport-lyme-disease-support-group.html

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brunswick Support Group Meeting Reminder

Driving Directions

2nd Annual MLDSE Conference in Review

If the attendance and the energy from yesterday's 2nd Annual Midcoast Lyme Disease Conference was any indicator of it's success, then the awareness raised, the relationships built, the education delivered, the resources received, the connections made, the funds raised and the many tears that were shed and lives changed ~ all in the name of Lyme Disease Awareness ~ then YES, yesterday WAS a great success for Midcoast Maine!!!
It took many people, who took time out of their busy schedules, to come together, to deliver such an important message to those eager to learn, to deliver important resources to those in need and to deliver all of this FREE OF CHARGE ~ YES, all of those special people converged under one roof yesterday and made this happen.
Our final head count including speakers, community partners, vendors, volunteers and attendees = 352 with the bulk of the attendance coming from Maine, we had some visitors from MA, NH, CT, NY, VA, FL and Ontario Canada!!!!
The total amount of money raised was over $3000 with 100% of the proceeds going into Lyme Disease Awareness efforts in Midcoast Maine. Donations are always accepted ~ please visit our website for Paypal access or mailing address. We are a 501c3 so your Gift to US is Tax-Deductible to you!!
Even the morning of the conference, we had people coming forth asking how they can volunteer!! We had people asking HOW CAN I DONATE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION!! We even had vendors and folks asking to sign up for next year!! We had people asking us how we plan to raise the bar for next year ~ and those of you who know us, we promise to not disappoint!!
I want to thank our speakers ~ Sharon R Vaznis Rep Deb Sanderson Rep Ryan Michael Fecteau Sen Chris Johnson, Pat Smith from Lyme Disease Association, Dorothy Kupcha Leland from Lymedisease.org, MAND panel of Naturopathic Doctors, Jane Sloven LCSW Dr Sheila Statlender Robert Giguere Doug Priest from Igenex and Dr Daniel Cameron from ILADS ~ who contributed the this year's conference success by sharing their knowledge and personal experiences, making Lyme and Tickborne disease very real.
I want to thank Modern Pest Services for being our TOP SPONSOR!!
I want to make a SPECIAL thank our Community Partners (business who partner with us year round) ~ Wellness Connection of Maine (Becky DeKeuster), Center for Integrative Chiro/Neurology (Richard Matthews Dc Dacnb), NaturaLawn of America/Tick Ranger (Bill Moody), The Missing Peace (Sandy Picard FNP), Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (Darrell Gudroe) Healthy Outlook (Jolinda Rockett), Holistic Touch (Patti Corscaden LMT), LifeVAntage (Odelle Bowman), Access Health Renewal (Ariel Wilcox)
A HUGE Thank You to our vendors who brought information, products and services to meet the needs of the attendees ~ Maine CDC, Maine Board of Pesticides, Rising Tide, Mainely Ticks, University of Maine Coop Ext, MaineLyme, Bath/Brunswick Veterinary Associates
Our special guests ~ Authors Jenny Swart Rush, Emily Bracale and Lori Dennis who share their most intimate and personal experiences with Lyme and tickborne disease through written words and photography to help others on their journey back to wellness heart emoticon
All this couldn't have happened without the yearlong support we've received from the Wiscasset Community Center. I can't thank Robert MacDonald Todd Souza and Kristy Lincoln enough, for believing in our cause and for helping us bring our vision to help the people of Midcoast Maine to fruition. And a special THANK YOU to Nita Greenleaf for providing the gluten-free lunch and snacks to our attendees throughout the day.
To our videographer Reginald Groff of Groff Productions and our photographer H Roberts StClair of H Roberts Photography ~ who captured all the special moments heart emoticon
To all the businesses, friends and family who donated financially ~ THANK YOU!!
And finally and most importantly, to all those who stepped up and volunteered their time and resources to ensuring that this year's conference was the best it could be. These are our angels who helped set up the facility and who ran the tables, who freed up our time to engage with all who attended ~ your donation was priceless ~ Dana Jones Jon Linden Donna Cusson Jackson Bob Jackson Tammy Jackson Delaney Makenna Delaney Benjamin Borkowski Kerry E. Nelson Elizabeth Nelson Alison Kelsey-Bryant Maureen Foley-Bolling Vicky Miville and Andrew Volkers
If you missed the conference, you can still purchase a dvd set!! The entire day was videoed ~ go to our website to see how to purchase yours today!
The 2nd Annual Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education conference kicked off the 2016 May Lyme Disease Awareness month in a BIG & BOLD way. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our website www.midcoastlymediseasesupport.blogspot.com to see just what we have in store for May and the rest of 2016 \0/ ~
When Angele Rice and I co-founded Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education, we had a dream. We had a shared vision to build relationships, to build bridges towards resources for the needs of our local Lyme community. We wanted to take the very worst of what we had been through and turn it into something positive, so that the journey of others struggling with Lyme and tickborne diseases will be one filled with free resources and support but most of all HOPE that they will get better.....and we will continue to offer all that and more in 2016!!!
And to see some of what MLDSE has been up to over the past 2 years, check out our video (click below)

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Paula Jackson Jones
President and Co-Founder