Sunday, August 18, 2019

Damariscotta Lyme Support Meeting Cancelled

***** Please Note *****

Our Damariscotta lyme support meeting WILL NOT be held this month as we will be at the Union Fair Sat Aug 17-24

If you need assistance, please email us at

For referrals, meeting information or general information about Tick-borne Disease, visit our website

Points of Light Award

In his 1989 inaugural address, President George H.W. Bush shared his vision of "a thousand points of light" — individuals and organizations across the nation helping others through service. 

In 1990, President Bush established the Daily Point of Light Award for individuals making a difference. During his administration, President Bush formally recognized more than 1,000 volunteers as “points of light.” He advocated that “points of light” demonstrate how “a neighbor can help a neighbor.” 

On Aug 16, 2019, co-founders Paula Jackson Jones and Angèle Rice were honored as joint Points of Light #6,586 for their volunteerism and steadfast community service through their nonprofit,  Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education. 

Read more about their award story: