Monday, March 2, 2020

Brunswick Lyme Support Mtg_March 4_2020

MLDSE Lyme Support Meeting
Mid Coast Hospital
123 Medical Center Drive
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Wed, March 4, 2020
Conference rooms 1&2

On Wed, March 4th, Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education (MLDSE) will resume their Brunswick support meeting at Mid Coast Hospital from 6-8pm in conference rooms 1&2.

Guest speakers are Gordon and Patricia Frohloff, PhD, and they will be sharing Your Wellness with Everyday Use and Hacks: Nature’s Bounty in doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS

Did you know that nature offers abundant provision and value to our bodies? And our minds! Specifically, therapeutic pure and potent essential oils have the power to communicate with our cells. Gordon and Patti will unpack the basics of USE and at home HACKS with plant chemistry in an interactive and easy to understand class. Join us in a discussion on how these essential oils can be used to prepare and prevent everyday nuisances. Gordon, a Lyme disease survivor, uses a specific essential oil protocol to create ease with his typical Lyme issues. Patti, an Essential Oil Educator and Holistic Health Coach, customizes her approach to individualize the clients’ wellness plan.

All MLDSE support meetings are open to the public ages 18 and up. 
Childcare is not provided so please plan accordingly. 
For more information, call Paula (207) 446-6447 or visit our website