Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education is networked with medical providers in Maine who are well educated and experienced in diagnosing and treating Lyme and tick-borne diseases. As a courtesy to Maine's Lyme community, we have set up a referral system to help connect patients to providers. With that being said, I would like to point out a few things about the referral system.  We do not share the list. Some of the providers have asked us not to publicly share their name and so out of respect, we have set up the referral system in a private access manner (similiar to ILADS referral system) Our Referrals are to Maine providers only. 
     If you contact us from another state, we get you connected to the advocacy group there who can better assist you with local resources. The only providers on the list are Lyme literate specialists, not primary care doctors. We have nothing to do with scheduling or insurances. That is something that you need to discuss with your Lyme provider's office directly. We do have financial assistance programs and those can be accessed on our website as well for services not covered by insurances. Many of these programs require an application process. If you are unable to do this yourself, you need to find a family member or caregiver to assist you with this. The turn around to get a referral is stated 2-3 Business Days. 
     We are a small organization wearing many hats with many jobs that takes us all over the state of Maine, giving presentations and talks as well as hosting support groups and workshops. Please be patient with us. 
      If you have not yet checked out our website, please take a minute to do so. Many of your questions can be answered there. Our website covers the following:  Who We Are and What We Do, Our Community Partners, Our Conferences, Support Groups, Physician Training, Treatment Guidelines, Workshops, Calendar of Events, Media Coverage, Maine Lyme Legislation, Online Resources, Symptoms of Lyme and Co-infections for both Adults and Children, Tick Testing/Tick ID, Prevention, Financial Aid, Pets, Donations, Our Midcoast Lyme Aide Benefit Concert, And our blogs! Yes, we wear many hats to meet the many needs that Maine's Lyme community has. We are a Maine 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization and we appreciate your support.

Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education (MLDSE)
Lyme & Tick-borne Disease Referral System

This system was developed to connect patients with medical providers who are knowledgeable about Lyme and tick-borne diseases.  They are referred to as Lyme Literate providers.  Some Lyme Literate providers do not wish to have their names posted publicly and we adhere to those wishes by using this system.
(We do not publish this list)

Lyme Literate Provider Referral

To request a referral to a Maine Lyme Literate provider,
please provided the following information:
(* mandatory)

Town you live in*:

Email this information to:

(Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply)

NOTE: For a referral to a Lyme Literate Provider outside the state of Maine, please visit

Disclaimer:  MLDSE provides referrals to health care providers who treat Lyme and tick-borne diseases as a courtesy to those seeking a Lyme literate provider.  The providers act on their own accord with regards to scheduling, fees and treatments offered. MLDSE does not control office scheduling, fee schedules or treatment modalities. MLDSE does not engage with any aspect of the doctor-patient relationship. MLDSE does not handle anything to do with insurance coverages. MLDSE does not receive any monies from any provider to be on this list.  This list is compiled from first hand experience, feedback and providers are subject to change at any time.