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BioMed Publishing Group, LLC was founded in 2004 by Bryan Rosner. Our Mission is to provide the world with accurate and useful alternative health information, with a specific focus on Lyme Disease.  Bryan's experience in journalism, his personal battle with Lyme Disease, and his discovery that very few adequate Lyme Disease resources exist for patients and physicians, compelled him to bring together selected Lyme Disease books, CD's, and DVD's, to form what is now BioMed Publishing Group. 
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Why Can’t I Get Better?

Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease

by Richard I. Horowitz, MD.

Best-selling book about why it can be hard to heal from Lyme disease, and what to do about it. 

Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease

Diagnosis and Treatment Made Simple

by Nicola McFadzean, ND.

An overview of the illness, the controversy and treatment options. 

When Your Child Has Lyme Disease

A Parent’s Survival Guide

by Sandra K. Berenbaum, LCSW, BCD, and Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Filled with information parents need to know about Lyme.

Gone in a Heartbeat

A Physician’s Search for True Healing

by Neil Spector, MD.

Gripping memoir of a man whose Lyme disease went unrecognized for so long, he ultimately needed a heart transplant.

Bite Me:

How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy and Almost Killed Me

by Ally Hilfiger

Riveting first-person account of what it’s like to be a young child—and then a teenager—with undiagnosed Lyme disease. 

Media Resources:

Katina Makris
Lyme Light Radio 

Jenny Stewart Rush
Lyme Thriving Teleconferences 

Mackay Ripley
Lyme Light Radio 

Under Our Skin 
Under Our Skin 2: Emergence
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Prevention ResourcesProducts, Services and Clothing

Insect Shield 

Insect Shield® Repellent Apparel and Insect Shield® Repellent Gear are revolutionary products designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. Insect Shield apparel and gear, such as mosquito repellent clothing, work wear clothing, bug repellent blanket and more, combine the Insect Shield process with a proprietary formulation of the insect repellent permethrin—resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product, repelling mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas.

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For over 30 years, Sawyer Products has been dedicated to offering more effective and reliable products for outdoor protection. Sawyer insect repellents offer superior protection from disease-carrying insects, including the yellow fever mosquito that carries the Zika Virus.  Our odorless permethrin insect repellent for clothing and gear should be your first layer of defense from mosquitoes and ticks.  Permethrin lasts up to 42 days or six washings and does not harm any fabrics or finishes.  This provides a fantastic base layer of protection that easily couples with an effective and comfortable topical for maximum protection.

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Fashionable Insect Repellent Clothing
The treatment of our clothes has been tested, proven, and EPA registered, to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas, chiggers, flies, and midges (otherwise known as no-see-ums). The magic ingredient? Permthrin! The proprietary application process binds the treatment so tightly to the fabric that it lasts 70 washes. There is no scent and it is absolutely 100% safe for everyone. Kids can wear it. Expecting mothers can wear it. People with sensitivities can wear it. Permethrin has been successfully used as a US EPA registered product since 1977 with an excellent safety record. The bug repellant in our clothes is near your skin, not ON your skin like traditional bug sprays. Insect-repellent clothing is recommended by the CDC, WHO, and lots of other big-time agencies.

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